Animal Welfare and Protection Association

Why Adopt:

  • When you adopt, you save a life and make space for the shelter to rescue another homeless pet.
  • No-kill shelters guarantee life to animals in their care and use 100 percent of their resources
    toward saving animals rather than killing them.

Always Consider Adopting Before You Buy a pet

responsible breeder always screens new pet parents and is not likely to sell their animals to pet stores. When you buy a puppy from a pet store, you support puppy mills' mass breeding and inhumane practices.

Adoption Procedure

We would interview, visit the home of the prospective owner and assess if a dog or cat selected by adoptee, would suit him. Once we find a perfect match between the prospective owner and the available cats, dog , puppies and kittens, we will proceed with the adoption.

To adopt a puppy or rehome puppy, please call Ms Iromi Salgado 0776565181
or e-mail :

Happy tails

The sterilized 3 ½ month pup adopted from Dehiwala shelter- Kadawathage Bella, getting on famously with Rashee, the PB German Shepard companion

Hi everybody,
I hope that you will be able to recognize the model in the photograph! She is full of life and loves
to play, gradually my Anthuriam plants are vanishing together with the coconut husks.

We all enjoy the company. Thanks once again.


Kelly: adopted as a 3-4 month sterilized pup from Dehiwala shelter.