Animal Welfare and Protection Association


Where does the money come from to support AWPA?

AWPA relies on personal donors for funds. We are lucky to be supported by a loyal group of individuals sending in one-off, monthly or annual donations andreceiving danas (memorials) from well wishers, but we do not have a structured regular income system.

Does AWPA pick up loose or stray animals?

The AWPA does not have the capacity to do this on regular basis due to space issues at the shelters and funding restrictions. Sterilisations can be done through a referral system with our contracted veterinarians, but it is only the surgery that is funded. This too, is subject to availability of funds. Please email, write or call us to arrange this.

What animals do you have available for adoption?

AWPA has cats and dogs of all ages. The animals vary in, color, disposition, gender, and size. We have big ones, small ones, old ones, young ones, black ones, blue ones, we have them all. When you’re ready to adopt, it’s a lot like the expression, “A kid in a candy shop.”

What are the procedures for adoption?

Please email or call us, and our Committee Members will be happy to guide you. It is just a simple screening process to see if you can manage owning a dog.

Can you bring back an animal adopted from AWPA shelters?

The AWPA will never refuse this. However, please think hard before both adopting and before giving up your dog. It is hard enough for the humans to deal with it, but the trauma caused to the dog can sometimes be insufferable to them.

Does AWPA perform animal cruelty investigations?

This is not possible due to fund and expertise restrictions.

I cannot take care of my pet any longer. What can I do?

• First, make preparations at least six months prior to your deadline for rehoming the pet (pedigree dogs are much easier to be re-homed)
• Speak to peoplewho your pet is familiar with (it will be easiest on the pet to move to the home of someone known)
• Offer to pay for the pet’s maintenance
• Make a post on facebook, draw up an e-flyer and urge your friends to pass it on
• AWPA maintains a list of people who would like to adopt dogs& cats, you may consult this list as well by contacting the number on this website
• Place a newspaper ad, but ensure that you screen new potential owners who are unknown to you with a visit to their homes
• Ensure that their property is properly fenced or walled
• Ensure a dog friendly environment and that your dog will be cared for as well as you care for him
• Beware of unethical animal breeders who maintain animals under cruel and unhealthy conditions with no concern for the wellbeing of the animal

Can AWPA make a presentation to a school or community organization?

The AWPA will be happy to do so. Please call or email us and we will make arrangements to make presentations on prevention of cruelty, the benefits of owning dogs, the shelters we run and the work we do and a number of animal welfare related matters.

How do I get to the AWPA shelters?

Please call or email us and we will be happy direct you or escort you.

What are the AWPA shelter hours?

9.30 am to 12 noon daily.

How can I contact someone at AWPA?

Please refer the  Contact Us  page.

How can I volunteer for AWPA?

Please refer the “Volunteer” page (link) for an idea of what we need help with.
The greatest help that can be given though, is to take in an animal from our shelters to your home. Please call or email us for details (contact us link)

What does the AWPA shelters look like inside?

Please refer the  Shelters  page.

What is the history behind the Shelters

Please refer the  Shelters  page.

I found a lost/stray animal. What should I do?

• Firstly, assess the general behaviour of the dog and determine how friendly the dog is.
• If the dog is friendly, give the animal a small rice and meat/chicken meal with water. If the dog is not friendly, leave the meal and go away, they will appreciate it.
• If you can, take the dog to a vet a get it vaccinated. Talk to the vet about further medical care and sterilization
• Please call or email us and we will help you rehome the animal

Help! I've lost my pet. What do I do?

• Talk to your vet, friends and other people your pet would know
• Make a post on facebook and circulate an email flyer
• Advertise in the papers offering a small reward

How can I help the pets at the animal shelter?

The AWPA Shelter depends on the generous hearts of our volunteers and donors. We wouldn’t be able to care for and find homes for the animals without the direct help of hundreds of donors every year. Your help makes a difference.

In today’s difficult economic times, your support is more important to us than ever before. When you share your time and money, you are saving the lives of the animals that need you.

Please  Donation 
Please volunteer (link)
Please  Register as a potential foster home

How do you become an Animal ShelterStaff?

The shelter is managed entirely by the Committee of the AWPA, all of whom work on a voluntary basis. Care-takers are hired as and when required, please refer the Shelters page or call or email us.

What's the difference between the AWPA and other animal groups, like the pound?

We are a private, non-profit organization, not a municipal or government agency. The AWPAdoes not receive any tax support for any of its services, so we depend upon donations to operate. Please refer shelters page for details on our operations.

How long do you keep the animals at your shelter?

There is no set time limit for how long an animal can remain in our shelters. As long as an animal maintains general good health and a sound temperament, we'll keep a pet until it is adopted

Do you take rabbits or reptiles?

We are only equipped to care for and adopt out dogs and cats

What should I do if I suspect animal cruelty or neglect?

• Firstly, try and speak to the owners/perpetrators nicely and try to make them understand why they are wrong to inflict cruelty on an animal
• Try and find a home for the animal
• If cruelty to an animal is repeatedly committed by someone, call the police

Please do your utmost to speak up for the animals. Violence hurts everyone. Every voice against cruelty to animals is important to support the cause and change people’s ideals

What should I do if I suspect animal cruelty or neglect?

• Firstly, try and speak to the owners/perpetrators nicely and try to make them understand why they are wrong to inflict cruelty on an animal
• Try and find a home for the animal
• If cruelty to an animal is repeatedly committed by someone, call the police

Do something.

There is a link between animal abuse and human abuse.

Do you board animals?

No, the AWPA is not a boarding facility. We shelter and care for needy animals who are looking for new homes.

Do you put animals to sleep?

The AWPA has a no-kill policy for healthy, adoptable pets. Animals are only euthanized in a rare case of a painful and incurable illness, as advised by a veterinarian, when it is established that there is no hope for the animal. Healthy dogs are not put down.

Is AWPA affiliated with any other animal welfare agencies?

The AWPA is associated with the RSPCA, UK, but does not receive funds from this organization.

How often do animals need their vaccinations?

Parvo at six weeks old
DHL two weeks later
Booster for both Parvo and DHPL two weeks later
Rabies two weeks after this
Booster for Rabies
Annual boosters for Rabies, Parvo and DHL


Remember, you must not bathe your dog for five days after receiving a vaccination.