Animal Welfare and Protection Association

You could help the shelter animals many ways...


  • Vaccinations or medication (of specific dogs) click here
  • Assist by sponsoring repairs and maintenance of shelters
  • staff salaries/ allowances ( You would not only help the shelter animals but help a human being)
  • monthly utility cost – Electricity, Water, gas
  • part or fully sponsor a steralisation program/ referral scheme or liase with us to organize Sterilisation       Programmes in your community. You could even sponsor the rescue and treatment of accident victims
  • Offering Corporate sponsorships to our fundraisers/ events, web advertisements, newsletter                       advertisement
  • sponsor cost of printing or postage of the bi annual news letter


  • Volunteer at our shelters/fund raisers click here
  • Volunteer your professional services ( advertising, photography e.t.c)


  • Offer your home to foster a puppy, kitten, dog or cat until re-homing Click here

Leaving a legacy

Give an ultimate gift, to celebrate your love of cats and dogs, by leaving a gift in your here

Be an advocate for animals !

  • Adopt your pet animals from one of our shelters or adopt an abandoned pup, dog , kitten or cat rather
        than buying them from breeders.
  • Sterilise and vaccinate your pets.
  • Encourage your friends, relatives, neighbours and co-workers to adopt animals from our shelters,or an
        abandoned animal rather than buy a pet. Please advocate the benefits of spaying / neutering and
        vaccinating them.
  • If you feed street animals, please arrange to spay/ neuter and
        vaccinate them. If there are a group of people who feed street animals in your locality, a collective
        effort yields better results. This way, the animal population in the area would be controlled while
        providing a conducive environment for healthier, rabies free animals to co-exist with human beings
  • Stand up against animal cruelty and help in changing the laws relating to animals, in favour of animal
        welfare & prevention of cruelty .

Become a member

Our success depends on you. In order to sustain our efforts we need your assistance, support and encouragement. can click here to obtain a membership form.

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