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Animal Welfare and Protection Association

Donate to the AWPA

Donate to feed, house & provide treatment to our shelter pets and fund the sterilisations of pets of low income households. Without the continuous support of our donors and well wishers it would not be possible to sustain this operation. The Association does not receive any funding from the Government or any foreign agency. Every donation is gratefully received, as it helps us continue our vital work with dogs and cats.

Celebrate a special day

For the present with a difference, for birthdays , weddings, anniversaries - or any other celebration, why
not give a donation to AWPA and share your joy or celebrations.
If, you celebrates your pets birthday, why not give a donation or some dry rations, needed to the pets at the shelter.

Celebrate life

Leaving a gift in memory of a family member, friend, loved one or a pet is a wonderful way of celebrating their life.
Locally offering of a meal or donation in memory of a loved one is called a “dana” There are many ways in which you could assist AWPA

Sponsor a days meal

The cost per shelter, for the morning and evening meals are as follows:

Cost of a days meal of one shelter

Breakfast Rs. 1,250/- (aprox us$ 10)
Lunch Rs. 2,250/- ( aprox us $ 17)
Full day Rs. 3,500/- ( aprox us $ 27)
Special Meal ( includes liver or dry fish) Rs 4,000/- ( aprox. us $31 )

Vaccinations of Shelter dog per annum        Rs 1000/- (aprox. us $ 8)

Sponsorship of sterilization per dog        Rs 1,500/- (aprox us $ 12)     sterilisations

(exchange rate as at 4th October 2013 1US $= Rs 128.8)

Full days meal at both shelters Rs 7,000 ( $ 54)

Please contact Surangani: Tel-2587116 3pm to 8pm

Assist by sponsoring

One shelter dog or cat per month        Rs1500/- ( aprox. us $12)     Shelters

It does not matter if your donation is big or small, please donate to sustain the shelters and continue
the sterilization programs Please forward cheques in favour of :

Animal Welfare and Protection Association
Standard Chartered Bank-Bambalapitiya, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.
Current A/c. No.01-1098829-01
Cheques to be sent to
Mrs Aianthe Rajapakse,
Hony. Deputy Treasurer- AWPA,
Mrs Aianthe Rajapakse,
29 Frankfurt Place,
Colombo 4, Sri Lanka
The SWIFT Code: SCBLLK LX (Std. Chartered Bank, Bambalapitiya Branch)