Animal Welfare and Protection Association

Sponsor a dog or cat

Are you a person who loves animals, and no longer can keep a dog or cat since you have moved to an
apartment or due to ill health or not having enough energy to devote towards rearing a pet at home?

Well the next best option to adopting a dog or cat , is to sponsor a dog or a cat , who has not
been adopted at our shelter.

Due to dumping of cats and dogs, low demand for local( non pedigreed) cats and dogs and as AWPA
shelters do not euthanize its residents, the shelters are over crowded. For many of the animals, the shelter would now become their permanent home.

Thus by sponsoring a dog or cat ( of your liking) you could help to provide for that animal during his/ her
stay at the shelter. You would also be able to come and see the pet and get to know him or her( by prior appointment)

Please sponsor me,

Cost of sponsoring one shelter dog/ cat per month       Rs1500/- ( aprox. us $12)

Cindy – 4year female dog. She is Galla’s companion and seeks protection from Galla from being attacked by other dogs.
Galla- Brown neautered male dog.Rescued about 9 years near Galle light house.

Natali- well , she is has loads of energy and always bullying others, thus her name was coined from being hyper active. She is spayed and 4 years old.

Suzi- She is aprox. 5yrs and suffers from a recurrent skin rash. A very loving lady, she is.

Ten Brown. No idea why she was named as she is! She is aprox. 7 +years. She shares her nook with her
companion and hates to move outside the nook. Now one of her eyes is affected with cataract.

Benjamin: He is a real rowdy. Bullies big or small , young or old dogs. He is approximately 6 years old.
Loves human company and attention. Very greedy for chicken meat balls.

Ginger: Was abandoned with his friend Pepper. It was heartbreaking to see tears from his eyes on the
day he was abandoned. Now his companion has gone to doggy heavan, its just him, and he gets to be in
the caretakers house. He is approximately 5 yrs and neutered.

Bathali- As the photo and name denotes, she is a little large in size. She is 4 years and has been spayed. She , together with her brother were dumped . Her brother got adopted on the same day he was dumped, but nobody adopted Bathali

Komali- She together with her tiny pups were thrown over the wall. One pup had died as a result.
Unfortunately the other pups too died eventually. The throw has resulted in a limp in Komali’s leg, but
now it is hardly visible. She is about 4 hours and she has been spayed.

Philomena: Dumped on the street and littered on street. A kind lady had taken her into her garden to
give her food and shelter had faced objections from her family , and one pup and she were back again on the street. She and her pup have been in the shelter for about 3 years, as no one has adopted her. She is aprox. 5 years.

Mingo- Philomina’s pup- She is aprox. 3years old, quite grown up

Mark, our night watchman. He is about 5 years old neutered male and was rescued from being
poisoned. He has his own way at the shelter, and comes and goes as he wishes

Blackie- a 2-3 year old male dog which was lying on payment for 2 days after an accident , before he was
rescued. He has been now neutered and we are in search of a sponsor or a forever home for him