The Animals’ Welfare and Protection Association (AWPA) was formed and registered under the Companies’ Ordinance in 1963 by a small group of animal lovers, concerned by the distressing conditions that stray animals are subject to in Sri Lanka. Thereafter, the Association was certified as a voluntary organization under the Voluntary Social Service Organization Act No. 31 of 1980.

AWPA Committee Members

All our committee members serve on a voluntary basis amidst their professional and personal lives!
  • Ms. Iromi Salgado (President)
  • Mrs. Hemantha Jayatilaka (Immediate Past President)
  • Mrs. Lalanthi Wijewardene (Vice President)
  • Ms. Shiona Weerasekera (Secretary)
  • Mr. Gamini Wimalasuriya (Treasurer) 
  • Ms. Ainthie Rajapakse (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Mrs. Neelika Tillekeratne (Assistant Secretary)
  • Mr. Ranjith Samarasinghe
  • Mr. Denesh Silva
  • Mrs. Manel Jayasekera
  • Mr. Asoka Weerasekera
  • Ms. Chrishanthi Emmanue
  • Ms. Sadhana Vikrantha
  • Mrs. Samanthika De Silva
  • Mr. Dinesh Pathirana

Organisational Goals

  • To ensure the sustainability of the shelters and optimal use of the available resources.
  • To facilitate adoption of homeless animals and promote responsible pet ownership
  • To prevent unwanted cat and dog litters through sterilization.
  • To promote public interest in the welfare and protection of animals.
  • To eradicate rabies through control of the stray dog population.

Organisational Policies

  • Sterilisation is the only humane solution to reduce the population of unwanted dogs and cats
  • Provision of comfortable and safe shelters is important as transit homes for animals awaiting rehoming; for rehabilitation of injured animals; for caring of old and hearing/vision impaired animals which cannot survive as strays; and to house fierce animals which are a threat to the local community.
  • Develop public awareness on animal welfare through education. 
  • Recognise and respect the rights of all animals to live free
  • Safeguard and campaign for the rights and interests of all animals.
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