Be an advocate for animals !

Adopt your pet animals from one of our shelters or adopt an abandoned pup, dog, kitten or cat rather than buying them from breeders.

  • Sterilise and vaccinate your pets.
  • Encourage your friends, relatives, neighbours and co-workers to adopt animals from our shelters, or an abandoned animal rather than buy a pet. Please advocate the benefits of spaying / neutering and vaccinating them.
  • If you feed street animals, please arrange to spay/ neuter and vaccinate them. If there are a group of people who feed street animals in your locality, a collective effort yields better results. This way, the animal population in the area would be controlled while providing a conducive environment for healthier, rabies free animals to co-exist with human beings.
  • Stand up against animal cruelty and help in changing the laws relating to animals, in favour of animal welfare & prevention of cruelty .

Become a member

Our success depends on you. In order to sustain our efforts we need your assistance, support and encouragement. You can click here to obtain a membership form.

You could help the shelter animals many ways...


Vaccinations or medication
(of specific dogs)


Volunteers are welcome at our shelters as there is so much to do


Offer your home to foster a puppy, kitten, dog or cat until re-homing 

Leaving a legacy

Give an ultimate gift to celebrate your love of cats and dogs

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