• To feed, house and provide veterinary treatment to our Shelter cats and dogs.
  • To sterilise street dogs and pets of low income persons.
  • To rescue accident victims

Direct Bank Transfers

Account name: Animals’ Welfare and Protection Association
Bank name: Bank of Ceylon
Account number: 0001629496
Bank code: 7010
Bank branch: Kollupitiya Super Grade 034
Swift code: BCEYLKLX
Bank Address: Level 1, BoC Merchant Tower, No. 28, St Michael’s Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka
Please email transfer advices to [email protected] so that we can acknowledge your donation, reconcile our accounts and send you a receipt.


“The Animals’ Welfare and Protection Association” Cheques can be deposited in the Bank of Ceylon account or handed over to: Mrs. Ainthe Rajapaksa, Assistant Treasurer, AWPA No. 29, Frankfort Place, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka

Overseas Donors

We recommend that overseas donors can use WISE to make direct bank transfers. 

Credit card transfers incur far more charges.

Card payment through Kapruka

Sponsor a meal

Sponsor a meal / Give a dane In memory of your pets in the past, a death anniversary, to celebrate a birthday, a wedding anniversary.

LKR. 25,000/- the cost of a day’s meal for both Shelters

For more details: email [email protected]

Dry rations are welcome: rice, chicken petfood, chicken liver, sprats, salayas, milk, yoghurt, curd and cooked food truly enjoyed.

Dry dog and cat food too: is needed –Pedigree, Whiskas, Mieow, Eukaneba, Black Hawk, Dog & Cat treats

Sponsor sterilisation

Please sponsor AWPA Sterilisation Programmes. This is humane dog population control and a critical part of animal welfare; and they support the Government Rabies Eradication Programme

Campaigns – The sterilization cost varies depending from the animal (male/female or dog/cat) and the location the sterilization is done (during a campaign or through a referral). On average it’s around LKR. 3,500. If you would like to donate towards a sterilization campaign the cost is LKR. 2,500 for a cat and LKR. 3,500 for a dog.

Large scale field sterilisations, implemented at different locations, with dog catchers and includes the rabies (ARV) vaccine

Referrals – Cost depends on the Vet Clinics and the districts.

This is a service offered by the AWPA to AWPA members/ public to sterilise street dogs/cats at the nearest Vet clinic; also available to low income pet owners (contributions towards referrals would be appreciated.

Please contact Iromi Salgado for more information on 0776565181 / [email protected]

Sponsor a rescue

Injuries, skin conditions, congenital issues – our street dogs suffer and need help. The costs involved are substantial as most need to be hospitalised and vet care is expensive. Your donation will make it possible for us to help more animals. Please contact us to find out and support about ongoing rescues [email protected] / 0773450031

Every donation is gratefully received as it makes it possible for us to fund our works – without the continuous support of our members and well-wishers we would not be able to sustain this operation.

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