The AWPA fundraising raffle ticket draw is back!

The AWPA fundraising raffle ticket draw is back! This time we are giving you a chance to win some exciting prizes for your kind and generous donations.

The cost of living is very high and we are finding it very hard to carry out our activities. These include running two shelters with approximately 500 Street rescued dogs and cats, rescuing and paying for the medical bills and long-term care of injured or very ill street animals and holding spaying and neutering campaigns to control the street dogs and cats population and in turn prevent rabies.

Tickets are priced at LKR.100 and a book with 10 tickets at LKR. 1,000. The draw will be at our next AGM scheduled for July/August 2023.

For more details WhatsApp us on +94773106176 (for inquiries on ONLY the fundraising raffle ticket draw).

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